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Vehicle Tracking Systems

  • GPS vehicle tracking in real time
  • Fuel & Mileage Usage Reports
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring Reports
  • Bad Driving Alerts (exceeding speed limits, etc)
  • Geofences
  • Vehicle Service Monitoring
  • Detailed Management Reports Compilation

Automated Fare Collection System

This system comprises of a robust Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based POS unit which gets the point a passenger hopped into a bus and the point a passenger dropped off and determines the bus fare for the distance travelled by the passenger.

The POS unit sends real time operations updates to the complementing web application used for monitoring and analysis by the fleet managers.

Passengers RFID cards (known as Orange cards can be recharged using swipe, rtgs, zipit, ecocash, telecash, onemoney at many SIRIKA agents across all towns thereby reducing the need for cash for travelling)

Electronic Bus Ticketing Device

Designed with the average but innovative transport operator in mind, the electronic bus ticketing system is a combination of a ticketing device which issues tickets to passengers and send real time updates for review in a complementing web application that will be managed by the transport operator. This system is essential in passenger behaviour analysis and reducing conductors from stealing revenue.

ZimPassengers App

Designed to assist a general public transport passenger with timetables, real time location of public transport, fares, weather conditions, ratings and review of public transport.

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